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I’m sleeping on a cloud! I have never had an experience like it. I have slept on many mattresses in my lifetime, but never one that compares to this. The level of comfort is unbelievable. The cover fabric is very well made. This mattress absorbs movement, so if you have a partner that moves around a lot or gets up and wakes you, then you will love this. I stay up later than my husband, so I might get up to go to the bathroom or just move around a lot, but he doesn’t feel it on this mattress. A good night’s sleep is worth the extra cost, I would recommend this mattress to anyone who is looking for top quality.

Darlene King
Testimonial 2

How can a mattress be soft and firm at the same time? It is so comfortable and my back pain is gone. I definitely appreciate the service along the way!

Charles Plourde

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Contact is defined by how well a mattress will even out weight distribution and eliminate pressure points. This fundamental attribute is oversold by the mass market, overstating its importance.


Support is created by the holding points of the mattress based on body contour. A commonly misunderstood feature of a mattress and delivered only by Millgrove quality.


Alignment is determined by proper spinal alignment when the weight of the body and back is evenly distributed, allowing joints and the spine to decompress.


Duration will measure the change in spinal alignment from the first hour of sleep, incrementally to the 8th hour. Body heat and consistent weight will soften materials over time.


Longevity addresses how soon and how much a mattress will degrade over time and no longer provide proper support if used for 8 to 12 hours each day, every single day.

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